The General Considerations When Planng a Sports Lighting System

A lighting system must be installed which meets the needs of broadcasters, spectators, players, and officials without spilling light into the environment and without creating a nuisance for the local community.


-        Players

The positions of light poles should not be a threat to the safety of players.

Avoid or reduce the glare to players due to the lighting positions, heights, and angles.

Avoid inappropriate brightness, as commonly found insufficient or bad Uniformity.


-        Spectators

Under the precondition of sufficient brightness and coverage, light poles should not barricade the vision of spectators.

Avoid or reduce the glare to spectators.

The average horizontal illuminance of the safety lighting for spectator seats and field of play shall not be less than 20 1x.


-        Photographers

Make sure that the horizontal and vertical illuminance allow the photographers to have a clear shot of the game.


-        Broadcasting

Sufficient horizontal and vertical illuminance for clear game recording.

The venue should be strobe-free.

Pay attention to specific lighting demands for TV slow motions and timers.


-        Advertisers

A lighting system should be designed for proper brightness and coverage for advertising boards so that the advertisement can be clearly seen.


-        Builders

A lighting system should fit the actual conditions of the stadium to lower installation difficulties and reduce engineer costs.


-        System Operators

A lighting system should be convenient for the operator to manage, operate and maintain. This involves the height and types of light poles, quality of lights, electric supply system efficiency, and operation system reliability.


-        Local Society

Avoid light pollution to the surrounding residences.


-        Investors

The lighting standard should be appropriate. An ideal balance should meet all or parts of the demands of all parties mentioned above.

One-time investment should include all construction costs of a lighting system.

Pay paramount attention to the usage cost, as it is the largest cost in a five-year cost plan. The usage cost is most relevant to the lighting system plan and the quality of the lights. Usage costs are usually less noticed by investors.

In most stadium, the maintenance cost is close to, if not more than, the first one-time investment. The maintenance cost is most relevant to the lighting system design and the quality of the lights.

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