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About Us

Guangzhou Ai Sports Lighting Co., Ltd, commonly known as Ai Sports Lighting since established in 2015, is a company that focuses on the development, manufacturing, sale, and installation of professional sports lighting systems. The company sits right in Guangzhou, the metropolis where the Canton Fair welcomes global traders every year. The products are manufactured in Zhongshan City, the center of the world's lighting industry.

With years of proud experience in sports lighting, Ai Sports Lighting has developed into an industry leader of sophistication and excellent innovation capability. The company is dedicated to equipping stadiums with professional, excellent-quality lighting solutions and products. Therefore, we insist on developing our core technologies. With four well-established research and development laboratories of industrial design, heat induction, optoelectronics, and quality control. We have been granted eight patents by December 2020.


Rich Experience

In sports lighting, experience is a vital asset. A good design is a soul to a sports lighting solution. In addition to delivering top qualities in every project, we also keep studying and improving solutions. In 6 years, the company has built a team of decades of experience in sports lighting design and development, which enable us to provide perfect sports lighting solutions around the globe.


The company's lighting equipment and intelligent systems are widely deployed in various sizes and places. We have served significant sports events, including the 13th China National Games in 2017 and the World Military Games in 2019. Our lights will illuminate the 31st World University Games Summer 2021.


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